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Naturopathy For Lower Extremity Edema

Health conditions of the legs often begins with edema or swelling of the lower extremities. Many directives will be discussed to guide an individual to see a reduction of that fluid build up in that body area. Caution to consult a health care professional before using these naturopathy techniques since edema is a symptom of perhaps a greater concern needing to be addressed.

Americans and other nations spend billions of dollars on chemical treatment of health conditions. Naturopathy for lower extremity edema is less invasive and has many other benefits. Many doctors are adopting naturopathy to treat edema before prescribing oral diuretics. Techniques for that health condition will be considered in these points.Examining and pursuing these is recommended only when a physician has been consulted because edema is a symptom of an underlying cause.

Edema is a medical term for swelling or the filling up, with retained fluid, of visible tissue on the body.  Swelling can occur in hands, wrists arms, however the most prominent area of the body to be greatly affected are the feet, toes, ankles and lower leg region.One of the naturopath actions to reduce swelling in these areas is to check the diet since water retention can be largely due to salt intake. Without realizing it, many daily consumed foods have a large amount of salt in them. Be aware the salt can be listed on labels as sodium or other names and not just salt.

Along with diet many physical adjustments are effective in reducing edema in the lower extremities.When at all possible elevating the legs in the middle of the day relieve the taught skin the edema is creating. Placing the legs above the heart is most effective, however if that position is not obtainable using a rolled up towel or other material under the knees while the lower extremities are elevated is acceptable.

Especially with sedentary work, a beneficial application of support hose, socks or medium compression hosiery will increase circulation with an end result of less swelling. Those should be recommended by your health care professional at first and always applied before rising for the day. Most doctors suggest another person apply those anti embolism, edema reduction health aids be put on by another person other than the affected individual since they are difficult to apply to oneself.

Exercise on a daily basis will increase circulation and help eliminate the symptom of edema in the lower extremities. If a cane or walker is needed these assistive devices should be a person's health insurance to prevent falling while walking. Cotton socks or some other absorbant material on the feet is useful in the fact that there is sometimes a seeping of fluid from the edema in the feet and ankle areas during exercise.


Author is 44 year experienced nurse who worked in clinic where doctors recommended naturopathy edema treatment mentioned here.

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